Acoustic/Electric Guitarist, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Brainerd Hills Church of God is currently looking for someone that would like to play acoustic and/or electric guitar for our praise team. We mostly play what I call the "not so contemporary christian music". Basically implying that it isn't what you heard on the radio yesterday but what you heard a month to a year ago. Our worship team works as a collective body and we tend to be extremely open to learning new songs.

This is a volunteer position but you will be paid in gratitude and rewarding relationships. We have been working on priming the church for growth and we believe that we are nearly there; it would sound a little sweeter with a guitarist though.

For this position, I want you to know the mission of the church. Not as a selling point for you to want to play for us but to make sure that you line up where we line up.

The mission of the church is:

Brainerd Hills Church of God resolves to be a church with the mindset of Jesus Christ. We will be fishers of men, not judging the people that come into our net, but instead realizing that God has sent them to us. We will stand together, unified as a church, to love, encourage, and pray with many voices but with one spirit. We will be a church of believers that affects the community, the region, and the world. We have our focus on ways to bring salvation to the non-believer and showing mercy to the believer that falls short. Together we will live as disciples, equipping more disciples, all the while serving in the ministries that the Holy Spirit directs us to. We will live to the biblical standard, we will love to the standard of Jesus, and we will be unified as the body of Christ.

If your mission and our mission line up and you want to get involved let me know. My name is Tyler Henderson and you can email me at or call/text me at (423) 716-3163