Campus Pastor, Albion, Michigan

Church For All Nations is a dynamic growing multi-campus church. Our main Church is located in Warren, Michigan and pastored by Bishop CJ & Danielle Andre. CFAN is offering an exciting opportunity for an individual passionate about church revitalization. Our Albion location is in need of a campus pastor. The church (Main campus & Albion campus) are both debt free and are self sustaining congregations. Our Albion location offers a large multi-room living quarters in the Church. Albion is a town about 1 & 1/2 hours west of the Main Church located in Warren. The population is approximately 9000 year round residents and exceeds 11,000 during the school year. Yes, Albion is a big college town. One of the largest liberal arts universities is located within walking distance of our church. The right candidate would be passionate about reaching the college students and community. The demographics marks this unique town as a half black/half white community where no one noticeably sees race. It is our intention to see the Albion location turn into an international congregation, modeling the main Church located in Warren. If this position is of interest to you, please contact Bishop CJ Andre directly via text @ (586) 549-4006 or email @