Creative/Technical Director, Saraland, Ala.

Destination Church is seeking a Media/Technical Director (MTD), who would be responsible for all creative and social elements for Destination Church including social media, online platforms, app, printed media, graphics, videography,  streaming, and production elements. MTD will be responsible for leading and developing creative teams including, graphic design, photography, videography, lighting, sound, and streaming. MTD will also be responsible for building and encouraging teams in those specific areas.

-Manage all social media accounts including posts, messages, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
-Manage and maintain all content on website, and app
-Create graphic content for all series, announcements, events, bumper videos, banners, billboards, print publishing, etc.
-Recording and Editing of weekly announcement videos, promotional videos, sermon videos for publication, weekly bumpers, etc.
-Ensure production elements for services including graphic content, videos, announcements, song lyrics, sermon notes, lower thirds, etc.
-Any responsibilities expressed by the Senior Pastor

Destination Church
Kyle Wilson - Worship Pastor