Discipleship/Small Group Pastor, Asheboro, N.C.

The Discipleship / Small Group Pastor will support the Senior Pastor, Pastoral Staff, Elders, lay leadership, and volunteers of Sunset Avenue Church of God (SACOG) to fulfill its mission to:

Declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Discover the truths of Scripture and their application for everyday living.
Develop mature disciples in pursuit of Christ-likeness.
Deploy disciples into active ministry, in the home, the church, the community, and the world.
Delight in the Lord, knowing that our deepest pleasure is found in a lifestyle of worship.

To accomplish these goals, the Discipleship / Small Group Pastor will work with Ministry Staff and volunteers to both explore ways to improve and expand existing program areas as well as develop and implement comprehensive new ministry strategies.

The following description is meant to be a guideline whereby the Discipleship / Small Groups Pastor can understand expectations.

1. Degree in Discipleship Ministries or Christian Education is desired, however, equivalent experience would be considered.
2. Should have a minimum of five years experience involving discipleship and small group development preferably in a church with 300+ average attendance. Must have a record of proven performance.
3. Must be able to relate to and work closely with the Senior Pastor in executing his vision for the church.
4. Must be a strategic thinker and leader with proven history of consensus and team building. This position will require extensive interaction with both Ministry Staff and laypeople and will require excellent interpersonal skills.  
5. Must have the gift of teaching.
6. Must be able to communicate effectively and compassionately both orally and in writing with individuals and groups. Since this position will require interaction with others ranging from one-on-one consultation to presentations to large groups, a professional appearance and the ability to communicate well is essential.
7. Must be able to work with standard electronic media including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, and similar word processing and presentation hardware and software.
8. Must meet Biblical qualifications for Church leadership and support the Doctrines of The Church of God as outlined in its Statement Of Faith, as well as the Articles Of Incorporation, By-Laws, and the Policies And Procedures Manual of Sunset Avenue Church Of God.
9. Must have a clean criminal and driving record (excluding minor traffic violations) and be prepared to authorize release of information for background and criminal records checks.

General Responsibilities
The Discipleship/Small Group Pastor will be responsible for working with adults to provide opportunities for growing as Disciples of Jesus Christ. In partnership with the Pastoral Staff, Elders and Adult Leaders (Teachers & Ministry Directors) they are responsible for:
1. Researching, planning, developing and obtaining curriculum, equipment and supplies needed to support Adult Discipleship and Small Group Ministry.
2. Identifying, recruiting, training, equipping, supporting and counseling qualified teachers and leaders of Small Groups.
3. Selecting, developing, preparing, and presenting pastoral and volunteer leaders with training materials as needed.
4. Staying abreast of current discipleship development methods and implement/modify as needed
5. Encouraging participation in Sunday School, Family Training Hour or various Bible Studies during the week and joining a Small Group.
6. Developing new groups as needed. (Bible Study & Small Groups)
7. Communicating and promoting Adult Discipleship opportunities.
8. Guiding and equipping adults to deploy into active ministry in the home, the community, the church and world.
9. Assisting Adults in viewing vocation in daily life as a vital part of their discipleship obedience.
10. Will oversee and coordinate with the Ministry Directors of Connection Ministries, Ladies Ministries, Senior Adult & Widow Ministries.
11. Assisting the Senior Pastor and Pastoral Staff in developing curriculum of study based on sermon series.
12. Planning and preparing budget for Adult Discipleship and Small Groups

Additionally, the Discipleship / Small Groups Pastor will contribute to the establishment of strategy, philosophy, and direction of the church.  They will establish and maintain Policies and Procedures concerning the operation of Adult Discipleship / Small Groups to include appropriately communicating direction and the mentoring of volunteer leaders.

Pastoral & Administrative Responsibilities
1. Maintain a constant pastoral presence within the body of Sunset Avenue
2. Perform weddings, funerals and baptisms, as needed
3. Able to represent the Senior Pastor in his absence
4. Shepherd Adults
5. Expand and develop Adult Discipleship
6. Catalyze the design and development of new adult ministries
7. Execute and facilitate the directives of the Senior Pastor
8. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor
9. When requested by the Senior Pastor, Personnel Committee or Elders, submit reports which detail the status of ministry area including strengths and weaknesses, short-term and long-term needs, short-term and long-term plans to meet those needs, and status of previously identified needs

The Discipleship/Small Groups Pastor reports directly to the Senior Pastor. All matters concerning salary, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment are subject to the recommendation of the Personnel Committee and approval by the Administrative Council of Elders.

Compensation Package
Salary and other compensation will be based on qualifications and experience.  A detailed compensation package will be furnished for consideration at the time of final interview. This will be a full-time position with a flexible work week, often in excess of 40 hours. Consideration may be given for a candidate who desires to work in a part-time capacity.

Application Procedure
Our desire is to fill this position as soon as possible and we will continue reviewing candidates until the right person is identified.  Interested and qualified individuals should submit their resume postmarked by February 23rd, 2018 and must include a family photo and salary history. If possible please send us an audio or video recording of sermons/teaching that you have done.

You may submit these things by mail or email at the following addresses:

Sunset Avenue Church of God
Attn: Personnel Committee
PO Box 938
Asheboro, NC 27204

E-mail to Pastor’s Administrative Assistant:

The position described was prepared to represent the general requirements of the position and may be subject to change based on the needs of the Church.  SACOG’s Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Policies and Procedures Manual govern all terms and conditions of employment.