Houseparent, Concord, N.C.

The Church of God Children's Home is seeking a houseparent(s). Our residential program provides care for children ages four to twenty-one.  Residents live in cottages that resemble a typical home.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere of family for our children.  Houseparents work to create personalized goals for each child that will strengthen them in a variety of areas, helping them stay on a path to success.

• Ability to provide the child with an atmosphere for spiritual growth.
• Ability to provide physical and emotional care for a child.
• Experience in child are or supervision.
• Ability to recognize and meet individual needs of a child.
• Ability to work as a team member with case managers and other houseparents.
• Ability to accept a child into your home as well as release them back to their biological family.
• Ability to understand and show acceptance of a children’s biological parents and commitment to promoting reunification of families and permanency for children.
• Adequate physical and mental health certified by a physician.
• Annual health assessment and TB test.
• Ability to recognize own family’s needs and limitations and to communicate these to the agency.
• Ability to recognize difference between punishment and discipline.  Be able to utilize acceptable discipline practices as outlined by DSS.
• Agreement to consistently conform to state regulations (regarding training, discipline policy, home safety, etc.)
• No previous criminal or child abuse history for household members.
• Ability to be flexible and understand the child care system.
• Ability to show flexibility in expectations, attitude and behavior in relation to the age, needs, and problems of the child.
• Ability to remain flexible and accept changes to family structure.
• Current North Carolina Driver’s License.
• Valid High School Diploma

​If interested or to inquire, please email