Minister of Music, Gastonia, N.C.

Worship is vital to the Christian walk and music is an integral part of worship. Therefore, music needs to be presented in a way that enhances the worship experience. Time must be spent in the prayerful selection and preparation of the music for each worship gathering. Leadership is essential and that leader must have a definite call upon their life to step into that role. Yorkwood Church is looking for such a Christian individual.


Work under the direct supervision of the Lead Pastor.

Work with and support the church programs and activities. Be a team player. After a trial period, one must become a member of the Yorkwood Church.

Schedule and direct regular practice sessions with the music team (vocalists and musicians).

Organize and maintain the current music repertoire while introducing a healthy balance of newer music.

Prepare, well in advance, the music selections for scheduled practices and worship services and provide an order of service to the Lead Pastor for each scheduled worship service.

Recruit, teach and develop new team members.

Direct the entire music team for all scheduled worship services.


Must know how to read music and be able to teach individual parts.

Must have a strong voice to teach, speak and lead.

Ability to play the piano/keyboard is a definite plus.


This is a part time position. Compensation and benefits will be based on a candidates experience and skill level.

​Please email to inquire.