Social Media Specialist, East Ridge, Tenn.

The Social Media Coordinator will promote Action Church across all digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and lead in cutting edge digital work.

Why should you apply?

You love Jesus. You believe in the power of the web to forge a deeper relationship between the user and the church and ultimately with God. You put your curiosity to work - you’re sharp, creative, forward-thinking. Complacency isn’t in your vocabulary. You know people. Your curiously interested. Your dedicated. You realize the culture is constantly changing, and that the church should be ahead of the change with the same Gospel message.

What skills should you have?

People choose to get their specific media for many different reasons, and you know why. Social media is less of a hobby for you, and more like a way of life. You understand what content belongs where, and in what format, because you’re active on social media and your creative (social bookmarking, commenting, etc.). Your a good communicator online.

Secondary Skills
(Not needed, but desired)
Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Design, Blogging, Communications Major, Sound, Computer Skills

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