Worship Leader, Easton, Pa.

River of God Church is a growing church in a smaller, diverse, somewhat urban area on the PA/NJ state line about an hour and half from NYC or Philly.  Our heart is to reach the unchurched and develop them as fully devoted followers of Jesus.  My family and I have been here 5 years and have seen incredible change and growth in our church - including more diversity of generations and cultures.  

We really need a worship leader.  We have singers and musicians in place, but I (Pastor J.J.) am currently leading the team, and I am ready to hand it over to someone who can take our worship team and our Sunday worship experience to the next level.

I know it will have to be a "God thing" for you to move here to fill this role because there is no money to pay at this time.  I remember looking at this site a few years back and seeing so many ministry openings that didn't pay.  I remember not thinking very much of those pastors and churches that posted "no pay" positions, but now I'm "that guy" on the other side.  Believe me when I say that it's a challenge to pay what you're worth.  Times are tight, and our church is in a lower income area.

HOWEVER, if God has given you the eyes to see like a missionary, this place has more needs and more opportunity to be the light of Christ than so many places I've been.  You'll be out of your comfort zone.  You'll have to get an outside job.  You'll encounter the darkness here.  BUT, if God is calling you here, you'll meet some of the best people in the world and you'll have a sense of fulfillment in doing ministry that people sincerely need.

Email jjchiara@gmail.com with any questions.